Put down the video games and pick up a bow and arrow

'Hunger Games' inspires kids to try archery

CLEVELAND - The countdown to Spring is on and the I-X Center is your one-stop shop this weekend, for checking out the latest in all things adventure.

There are more than 150 exhibitors at the Cleveland Outdoor Adventure show featuring everything from archery to kayak fishing. And thanks to books and movies like the ‘Hunger Games,’ traditional archery is gaining popularity worldwide.

Byron Ferguson is a professional archer, and he loves what he does.

“All the kids sitting around at home playing video games, they don’t know what they’re missing.  This is more fun,” Ferguson said.  

Ferguson has been shooting a bow for 50-years, and is a featured favorite at outdoor shows. Although, he will deny it. 

“I’m not famous.  This jacket is famous.  I take the jacket off, take the hat off, nobody knows me," he added.

It’s clear Ferguson is talented, but what makes him tick may surprise you. He didn’t even know until two years ago, when a show on the History Channel called ‘Super Humans’ found out that his brain excels.

“My brain processes what I see 10-times faster than normal. That is what allows me to be able to shoot targets out of the air," explained Ferguson. 

Amazingly, Ferguson is accurate 90-percent of the time. In fact, he says, “It’s almost instinctive.” 


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