Rock out for The King's birthday & help save a life by donating blood

CLEVELAND - The King of Rock & Roll would have turned 78 on January, 8. So, why not celebrate at Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, at the Elvis exhibit.

From his bedazzled white jump suit, to his shiny purple Lincoln Mark IV, there is no shortage of memorabilia in Cleveland keeping the music and memory of Elvis Presley alive.

Presley is credited with starting the rock and roll revolution. He holds the record for the most Top 40 hits, among many others. He was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

Topping our list of must-see memorabilia is the jukebox RCA Records gave Presley, filled with his hits.

So, crank up a little “Jailhouse Rock," cook up a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich fit for a King, and celebrate.

You can find a recipe to make Elvis’ favorite sandwich on Mike Brookbank's Facebook page.



Share a life-saving gift this month

Roll up your sleeve. It’s time to share a life-saving gift. January is National Blood Donor Month.

Blood Donor, Mike Zacher, is a regular. “I enjoy giving it to people. People need it.” 

Bill Bateman, a regular donor, belongs to the self-proclaimed “Friday Morning Coffee Club” at the American Red Cross in Cleveland. He says it's not so bad with a group.

"We get a free cup of coffee. There are no losers here,” he said.  

Zacher agreed, “We talk a lot, we joke a lot.  We’re a rowdy crowd on Friday mornings.” 

These guys donate together regularly, and they encourage those who are afraid of blood and needles to join them…. especially this time of year when donations slow because of the holidays and bad weather.

 “The first time is the hardest, and it’s simple after that, extremely simple after that," Carl Orban said.

Simple, when friends help to distract you from what’s going on with your arm. “You don’t feel like you are losing any time when you’re spending it with friends," said Bateman.




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