Santa makes his naughty or nice list

CLEVELAND - They’re a staple during the summer months, and now they’re popping up as temperatures plummet.

Farmer, Kevin Leamer, says it's not strange.

“You can do farmers markets in the wintertime at least once a week. It's great to be able to have fresh food year round, and now the markets are starting to catch up,” Leamer said.

One winter market can be found inside Cleveland’s 5th Street Arcade, downtown.

Ashley Shaw is the Downtown Farmer’s Market Manager says it's an amazing space. The farmers providing this produce use ‘Hoop Houses,’ which allow them to grow certain veggies despite colder weather.

 “Mainly in the winter time, you are going to be getting more into the root crops," said Leamer. "We have a lot of beets and carrots, turnips and rutabagas, scallions. 

Shaw says we're lucking here in Cleveland. “It’s nice to be spoiled and have it all year round.” 

But she adds, as we get further into winter and there’s less light, the amount of veggies available will diminish. "We’ll slow down with produce in January, but it will pick back up in February and March.” 

The downtown Farmer’s Market is open every Friday, from 11am - 2pm, all winter long.


The day Santa finalizes his list

Every December 4th, Jolly Old St. Nick finalizes the names on his naughty and nice list. But what does this day mean for parents who tell their kids Santa’s watching?

“We don’t milk it the whole month. We wait until we’re getting really close,” said mom Jeanette Riffle. 

Some parents say Santa may want to re-think when he finalizes his list.  They say “List Day” actually creates a holiday loophole where kids can misbehave for three weeks until Christmas with no consequences.

In the meantime, Riffle says there is always parental over-ride. 

“I’m awake before he’s awake on Christmas morning, so I will know whether he deserves the presents Santa brings or doesn’t,” Riffle said.




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