Satisfy your cravings with 40 flavors of popcorn

CLEVELAND - The change of seasons means a change in flavors at Campbell’s Popcorn shop. Peppermint drizzle corn is just one of the new flavors tempting taste-buds this Christmas.

Others making our list include chocolate mint popcorn and Christmas cinnamon.

With more than 40 different flavors available at any time, Campbell’s is always trying to come up with new creations, but not all of them make the cut.

“I think the most bizarre one we had was BBQ chicken," said Lynn Campbell, co-owner at Campbell’s Popcorn.

Campbell says that popcorn tasted like chicken soup with a little BBQ sauce in it. It wasn’t a huge seller.

Campbell’s goes through 500 5-gallon buckets of popcorn a week during the holidays. The most popular popcorn is the Dichotomy, dubbed the best in Cleveland. So what exactly is that flavor?

 “We actually take the caramel corn and coat it with cheese.  Delicious. People just love it.  They just eat a lot of it,” Campbell said. 


A Thanksgiving Cake as a Turkey-Day Talker

They’re a Thanksgiving must-have: turkey and dessert. And at one Amherst bakery, they’ve found a way to combine both.

“I like to be creative in what we do,” said Tim Kiedrowski, owner of Kiedrowski’s Bakery 

So, he came up with a turkey-day talker.

“It makes a great center piece for the table. Put that out and people say ‘oh, is that our turkey?’" Kiedrowski said.

Meat lovers might be a little disappointed with this bird, since this creation is all cake. Kiedrowski says that when they display it in the store, you would be surprised how many people poke at it to see if is that real.

And just like a traditional turkey you can have “white meat,” “dark meat,” or both with a marble cake.

Another cake creating holiday chatter is the Thanksgiving plate. It's full of turkey slices, cranberry sauce, carrots and mashed potatoes and gravy.

But don't be fooled. 

“The mashed potatoes are actually a scoop of butter cream frosting indented with caramel gravy to give it the look of regular gravy.”  


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