La Cave du Vin and 2 other Cleveland bars make 'Top 100 Beer Bar' list

CLEVELAND - The list of the top 100 beer bars in America is out, and three from Cleveland make the cut.

We stopped by one of the lesser known ones around town, La Cave du Vin.

“My card says wineo and beer nerd,” said Erich Lasher, a co-owner at La Cave du Vin.

The self-proclaimed “beer nerd,” is the go-to guy when it comes to craft beer.

“Don’t hem and haw so much over your beer, you’re not buying a car," said Lasher.  "It’s a beer, it should be enjoyed.”

La Cave du Vin picked up a big industry honor for the 2nd year in a row.

“We made Draft Magazine’s Top 100 Beer Bars in the nation,” said Lasher.

Cleveland may be home to three of the top 100, but La Cave du Vin stands out.

“What makes us a little more unique is the fact that we only do the craft beer, that is all we do,” said Lasher.

With about 250 beers available there’s pretty much something for everyone’s palate, and prices range from $3.50 on the low end, all the up to $65.

“Some of the uber collectible stuff, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best beer in the world, but when you can’t get it you know everyone wants it, it can get quite pricey,” said Lasher.

But don’t worry, most of the beers here are on the low end.

So, belly up to the bar at La Cave du Vin for an award-winning experience.

“It’s an exciting time for craft beer that’s for sure, because it’s blowing up like crazy,” said Lasher.


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