The Days of Our Condiments

CLEVELAND - They’re a popular part of the ballpark experience.. Ketchup, Mustard and Onion.

“I enjoy watching them run and hit each other along the way," said Indians fan, Devon Smith. 

But did you know there’s a budding romance between two of these three mascots?

Smith was stunned. “I thought they were condiments.” 

Yes, true, they may be. But does that mean they can’t love?

“Sounds very strange, but love comes in all kinds of ways I guess," said resident, Barbara Hall. 

The List caught Ketchup and Onion canoodling in downtown Cleveland, enjoying the city’s skyline and checking out the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Little did the pair know but peering in on their date was Mustard, who seemed a bit upset seeing them together.

“My favorite is definitely ketchup and onion.  I’m not a mustard fan, so I feel bad for Mustard," added Hall. 

As the date progressed closer to Public Square, poor Mustard lost his patience and let the rejection get the best of him. Watching in disbelief as Ketchup and Mustard battled it out, poor Onion was faced with the ultimate decision of which hot dog condiment best complemented her.

If only there was a place Onion could contemplate her love life?

Good thing a hot dog vendor was nearby so she could figure out which fellow topping makes her heart atwitter.

As for what their fans think?

“I think mustard would be a better suit with onion just because they taste alike, more than ketchup," said Devon Smith.

Ciara Seitz dissagreed. “I think ketchup and onion goes pretty good together.  So I’d have to disagree and say ketchup.” 

After some serious thinking, Onion ran after Ketchup. And despite revealing some uncertainty, he took her back with open arms.

As for Mustard, he’s still hoping to make the right moves to win Onion over.

We want to hear from you. Should Ketchup and Onion stay together? Or do Mustard and Onion make a better couple?

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