Working out for a new you in 2013 & get rid of that fruitcake

CLEVELAND - If your resolution is to break a sweat to get back in shape, we’re going to help.

“The first things you want to think about is setting realistic, attainable goals," said Dan Bednar, Co-Owner at Cleveland Fitness Revolution.

Bednar says your focus should never be the number on the scale, but your overall fat loss. 

“Measure the mid-section. In six months if you see a drop in 5-inches, that’s way more motivating than seeing 10 pounds on the scale,” Bednar said. 

He says in 2013, more people are also changing the way they get in shape. 

“What we’re seeing now is a big trend away from big box gyms.” 

Instead, they’re turning to places like Fitness Revolution, where you work out as a group. There's also an added bonus to keep you motivated.

"If you don’t show up I don’t need to call you, because “Suzie” will post on Facebook you weren’t in class, and what a call out that is,” said Bednar.  

As far as tips to succeed, Bednar says accountability, motivation and realistic goals are the top three, followed by nutrition. “You cannot outrun a bad diet,” he adds. 


Get rid of that fruitcake

The fruitcakes are flying today! On this, Toss the Fruitcake Day.

"Either to get rid of the one you bought because nobody ate it, or to see how far you can throw it,” said Tim Kiedrowski, owner of Kiedrowski’s Bakery.

Kiedrowski sells fruitcakes during the holidays at his bakery in Amherst. But his are a little different. “I would say this is a newfangled fruitcake.  It’s almost more of a muffin batter, muffin mix.” 

Inside, there is allspice, orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg and real fruit. 

“We don’t put in the candied fruit because people don’t even know what those are,” said Kiedrowski. 

As for who still buys fruitcake, Kiedrowski says it's mostly a lot of old timers. They are the ones who really like fruitcake.

The fruitcake dates all the way back to the 1600’s, but Tim’s son, Michael, didn’t show much respect for the storied sweet. It got tossed. 

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