Fitness class uses ballet bar to help participants tone muscles

CINCINNATI - Pure Barre exercise class challenges participants to push beyond their limits.

The exercise class began with a simple warm-up routine you'd find in just about any aerobics class around town. However, just 10 minutes later, many participants were sweating just from the warm-up.

PHOTOS: Working out at Oakley Pure Barre Fitness Studio

The class instructor at the Oakley Pure Barre fitness studio encouraged everyone to continue working through the exercises, even if their legs were shaking almost uncontrollably.
"I like the shake because I know then I'm changing my body. I'm transforming it when I shake," Pure Barre client Bella Yazdani said.
Lea Warner owns the Pure Barre studio on Madison Road in Oakley.
Warner says the secret to the workout is the ballet bar students use for both resistance and stability.
"Different shapes and sizes, different ages. Just last week - my daughter is 25, I'm 45 and my mother is 72 - we were all in class together. It's fabulous because you can get different fitness levels. You can be at different weights. It doesn't matter because you're using your own body, but yet you're in a group where you are encouraging each other. That's what I love about it," Warner said.
She spent the class walking around the studio correcting participants posture and form as they leaned on the ballet bar that wrapped around the room.
New students are encouraged to take the 30 day fitness challenge where you commit to 30 days of Pure Barre.
"My clothes are looser. My abs are tighter. My behind is higher, my seat as they say in Pure Barre. Arms are more toned and just feel better. I'm much more fit than I was before the challenge," said Lesley Bayer.
Your first class is free.
There are also studios in Mason and Fort Wright, Kentucky.
After your workout, you can head across the street to the Blue Manatee Children's Bookstore where you're guaranteed to have just as much fun as the kids.
Visitors like Heather Neuharth says her children love story time at the popular neighborhood bookstore.
"There are puppets and toys and stuffed animals. There's books everywhere and places to read. We like to read at the tree at the book nook," Neuharth said.
The store also hosts free book signings and weekly arts and craft events.
You can also grab a snack for you and your kids at Decafe next door.
"It's all tailored for kids with small tables, hot chocolate, organic fruit smoothies and other good stuff," said Blue Manatee owner Dr. John Hutton.
The Blue Manatee is located at 3054 Madison Road in Oakley.
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