National Margarita Day

PHOENIX - The margarita is one of the most popular cocktails, but few know how it came to be.

As it turns out, there are two conflicting stories.

Drink mixer extraordinaire Angela Bobay at Jade Bar shares with us the stories of where the famous libation was first mixed.

"They say it actually starts in Tijuana just after prohibition, and that it was supposedly made for a woman name Marjorie who was an up and coming movie star."

As the story goes, Marjorie was quite fussy about her drinks, so the bartender made her one with limes and salt.

That's story number one, but the second version is more popular.

"Margarita Sameso was a Dallas socialite, and since she was the essence of the American partier, people think she was the one who created it," said Angela.

Either way, the mighty margarita has a legion of fans, and you can find drink special everywhere on National Margarita Day.

Enjoy a margarita while you see comic Carlos Mencia.

Mencia is performing at Stand Up Live this weekend in downtown Phoenix.

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