How to make your Christmas tree last

Simple tips for keeping it green

PHOENIX - Who says live Christmas trees are too much work and won't last until Christmas? A tree seller in Phoenix has some advice for those hoping to keep their tree fresh all month long.

"They don't like to be in front of a window facing west," said Jayne Mitchell of Tim MItchell's Christmas Trees. "They'll get a lot of reflected heat."

Air vents are also bad news for green trees.

"It's dry, warm air and that's definitely going to affect the freshness of the tree," Mitchell said.

She also emphasizes the need to keep the water dish filled at all times.

"And keep it away from fireplaces," she said.

Follow those steps, and your tree should stay healthy all season long.



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Art Festival in Tempe

If art is what you are looking for, we've found a lot of it in Tempe.

The Tempe Festival of the Arts began Friday and continues through Sunday.

More than 200,000 people are expected to browse the works of artists who come in from across the country. The festival is one of the top 20 in America and features judging, demonstrations, live music and food.

Admission is free and you'll find it along Mill Avenue.


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