Inspiring moments of 2012 to make your spirits bright

We have all been tested by the terrible events dominating the news in the last week.  

It's so easy to become cynical, but there have also been many heartwarming moments this year that have made headlines or spread through social media.  These moments are worth revisiting.

The phenomenon of social media has given us a chance to see the very best in people, even when the world seems like a very dark place -- whether it's leaving gift cards for random strangers or even picking up the tab for someone's lunch.  

While bad news fills most of the world's headlines, there's a lot of good that goes around and it's not that hard to pay it forward. pointed out positive moments from 2012, like the parents who turned this kid's wheelchair into an ice cream truck for Halloween or the doctor who offered free medical care after Hurricane Sandy. Then there were the  parents who tattooed insulin pumps on their bodies so their son wouldn't feel so different and the police officers who helped a blind teen fulfill his wish of becoming a cop.

There are also selfless acts like covering someone's open car window when it rains and the Disney security guard who made a girl's fairy tale dreams come true by asking for her autograph.

Remember the kid, Caine, from East LA?  He became a viral sensation after building a cardboard arcade in his father's auto parts shop.  No one came by except for one man, who then used social media to get hundreds of people to show up, giving Caine the surprise of his life. 

So, the next time you lose faith in humanity, look carefully.  You just might find it's the smallest moments that can make you humanity's biggest fan.

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