Inspiring teen designs skateboards for his own company

A Phoenix teenager is beating the odds and blazing a new trail for himself after life threw him a curveball. 

Skateboarding has been one of 15-year old Brian Rossi’s passions for most of his life, but a few years ago Brian was forced to switch out his wheels, after a heart attack left him in a wheelchair.

Now Brian has to find new ways to do the things he used to love, like working on the computer, and even talking, but this latest challenge is not stopping this spirited teenager, it is making him stronger.

Brian kept his passion for skateboarding alive by designing skateboards for his company BZBoardz.  During our short time with him we could see his eyes light up several times when he came up with new design ideas for his boards.

Brian is truly the visionary behind this business, but he has help, his intern Kari brings this teenager’s designs to life. 

"It’s very important to have family and friends close by. Without their support you have nowhere to go," Brian said.

Brian brings more than just his fierce creative force to the table; he also has a keen business mind.  His mother Coleen Rossi recalls a discussion with her son about the cost to make his skateboards.

"I said maybe we should raise our prices a bit and he goes, no I’m building a brand! And I knew I had an entrepreneur on my hands," Coleen said.

Brian sells his skateboards a few times a year, to learn more about him and his designs visit his website

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