Plumbers say what to toss and what not to toss in your garbage disposal

PHOENIX - If you think you have it bad on Black Friday, at least you don't have to stick your arm down a complete stranger's garbage disposal.

That's why legions of plumbers stand ready on their busiest day of the year.

Mike Donley, of Donley Services in Phoenix, is one of them. He shared his list of best practices for preventing a drainage disaster in your kitchen.

"Before you begin cooking run the disposal while putting ice cubes through it," he said. "The ice cubes will sharpen the blades of the disposal."

Donley also suggested quartering a lemon and sending it down the hatch as well to give it a lemony-fresh essence.

Now that we've go the "do's" covered, its time for the "don'ts."

The biggest no-no is putting potato skins down the drain as the skins will quickly clog the pipe.

"If you do that you might as well put us on speed dial," laughed Donley.

Second, the little stickers found on fruits and vegetables often slide off and end up in the drain. That can cause big back ups too.

Finally, be careful about how much you put down the disposal.

"If you're scraping everything off your plate into the disposal, you're going to have problems," warned Donley."

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