Movie Critic, David at the Snack bar, shares top movie picks at the theater


Heading to the movies is a great way to escape the chaos at the house, or spend time with family over the holidays and the movie companies know it. 

If you haven't noticed Christmas is a popular time for new releases.  Movie critic, David at the Snack Bar says there is a good reason for that 'it started years ago because in order to qualify for the Oscars, movies have to play one week in Los Angeles and New York so if you open on Christmas day that takes care of that week.'

David shares his top picks if you plan to hit the theater next week. 

1.  Les Miserables - This is the film adaptation of the popular musical, starring Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, and Amanda Seyfried.  David says it is a good choice for the entire family this holiday season, although he admits the kids will probably be bored.  One thing David says is interesting about the film is 'the actors actually sang it while they were doing it and they recorded it live.  Usually they don't do that usually they dub in the songs later.'

2.  Argo -- Ben Affleck stars in and directs this movie which is getting a lot of buzz when it comes to awards.  David says it is a great film again for the entire family this year; 'This will have you on the edge of your seat and it will have you laughing at the same time.  The middle part is funny the beginning and the end is gripping; its a great film.'

3.  Silver Linings Playbook -- This movie stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert DeNiro.  David says it is heartwarming, touching and also has a little romance mixed in making it a good option for the entire family.

4.  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure -- This is the first in a trilogy, which David says makes it a good choice because you can get started without any background, but be forewarned that also means it won't have a real ending.  He says it isn't quite as good as Lord of the Rings, but it is on that level with great special effects and a good story line. 

5.  Wreck it Ralph -- David says this is the best animated movie of the year; 'everybody will like it, no matter how old you are, you can go and see it without your kids and you'll still like it.' 

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