Novelty gifts for the hard to buy guy on your Christmas list

Goofy gifts that could hit the manly spot

Some say guys are the pickiest when it comes to presents, so here are some manly "gift ideas for guys" that may have never crossed your mind. 

Can't get enough of the other white meat?  How about lathering up with some bacon shaving cream or adding a little bacon lip balm to your daily routine.  They might just be the perfect gifts for the man who brings home the bacon.  

The items don't contain actual bacon, but you wouldn't know that from the aroma floating through the air.  They're the latest creations from Justin Esch, who takes pride in his pork-like products.

Check out The List's photo galley of strange gifts for guys:

"When I get up in the morning and I smell bacon cooking in the kitchen, I get really happy.  Why not walk into a room and have people smell the same thing and get excited to see you," Esch said.
Or for the guy who has everything, how about a Sasquatch sweater made from 100 percent Bigfoot fur?  Just try not to frighten too many people and watch for hunters.
For guys who lose their socks all the time, they might want to consider buying them from  The website offers a one year insurance policy.
If you lose a sock, take a picture of yourself with the remaining one, share it on Facebook, and the company will send you a free replacement.  
But even if you prefer a more serious gift, you can still pretend thanks to prank packaging.  We're talking about gift boxes that aren't what they seem.  Simply put your real present inside.   It's guaranteed to raise some eyebrows.  They're just a few, shall we say, novelty ideas to help prevent those less than happy returns.
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