Parking tips to reduce holiday stress


It's something you don't usually think about until it's too late. Yes, we're talking about holiday parking--the circling and more circling while you look for a spot.

The most irritating parking moments are when someone steals that spot from under your nose, your car is too large to squeeze between two other vehicles, or the only spot left is for short term or disabled parking.
But don't worry; we found some great ways to ease your holiday parking pain even if it is the season for packed parking lots.
When it comes to finding that perfect spot, some experts say don't think twice. 
"It's so incredibly busy this time of year and the the likelihood of you becoming more frustrated the more you drive around is great -- and then there's all that pollution. You can really avoid it. Just take the first one that you can find, said Casey Jones, Chairman of the International Parking Institute.
Yes, it's a real organization.  
"If you take the certain space that's farther away from that entrance, you're very likely to get to your shopping destination faster," Jones said.
Holidays are stressful enough as it is.  You're fighting crowds and trying to find the perfect gift, but before you can do any of that, you've got to find a place to park and that can be equally aggravating.  Still, experts say the best thing you can do is relax because according to insurance statistics, a quarter of all accidents happen while you're trying to park.
Be sure to allow yourself extra time and plan ahead.  Check to see if your shopping center offers parking information on its website.  Of course, everyone has their own strategy to nab some parking.
"People watch," said one woman.
"Keep going up and down the rows.  Just wait for those cars.  You stalk them out, you see the lights start to turn on.  Follow those people walking back," said another man.
And just hope those people know where they're going.  So, what do you do to remember where you parked?  
"You know, right now, I'm trying to remember where I parked and I just parked five seconds ago," said one woman.
"I have this panic button.  I'm over there," said another woman, as she pressed the panic button.
Several apps are available on your smartphone to point you in the right direction, but  if you're not tech savvy. . .
"Write it down somewhere.  That'd probably be handy," one woman said.
To avoid hassles altogether, you can always park yourself in front of your laptop.
"I've been doing online shopping, which is great parking," one woman said. "My couch." 


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