How to make a WWE style entrance

PHOENIX - WWE superstar Ryback is in Phoenix preparing for this weekend's Royal Rumble, a battle between 30 of the league's stars.

He says making an entrance is important.

"It's all about the energy, you have to feed off it," said the 6-foot 3 inch 291 pound pile of solid muscle and veins. "After a victory, I bring my arms up and say feed me more...because I haven't had enough."

It's not as easy as it sounds.  You need to really give it all you have and make the audience believe it. You need to be able to rock the ring and if you can't...

"I wouldn't quite your day job," quipped Ryback, when our reporter tried it. "But you could be an announcer."

At the Royal Rumble you will see Ryback and 20 others. You can also visit Fan Fest. For $10, or more for additional events within Fan Fest, you can play games and even ask the superstars questions.



Color run this weekend

If wresting isn't your thing, take a run!

The Color Run is happening Saturday at Tempe Beach Park. It's a 5k with a colorful twist.

Runners can walk, run or skip along the path, but they must all wear white shirts.

Once they reach the finish line, runners find themselves in the middle of a massive cloud of multi-colored powder unlike anything you've ever seen.

Unless that is, you watch this preview.




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