3 steps to get you on your way financial wellness

It's Financial Wellness Month, do you know how your money is doing?  Financial expert Dean Wegner says it is possible to get back on track.  

When it comes to your bank account, it's important to address issues when they are small.  According to Wegner, it's much easier to fix it a little right now, than a lot later.

Wegners tips hold true whether you're in over your head, or just need a simple fix and it all starts with knowing where you are with your finances so you can set realistic goals.  Wegner says the biggest mistake people make is not knowing where they are financially.
"They're upside down when it comes to income and expenses.  They have more going out than coming in.  Now they're doing this and they're subsidizing this through credit cards," Wegner said.
Follow these 3 steps from Wegner to determine where you are, and you can begin moving toward your future.
1.  Income
Calculate how much money is coming in each month.  This isn't just from your job. This is any income that you routinely receive.
2.  Expenses
Find out how much money is going out every month for all of your bills.  Wegner says you also need to take into consideration expenses like insurance that you may only pay once or twice a year.  Make sure you average those out so you can budget for them.
3.  Evaluate
Take a look at both numbers and figure out your goal.  If your expenses are coming close to your income, it's time to cut back or find a way to make more money. Wegner says you will likely have to make sacrifices in order to make it work.  He suggests using coupons, eliminating cable, cutting back on Starbuck's, and bringing lunch to work as ways to save.
A great day to splurge on ice cream
Time for one last splurge before cutting costs.  Put on your hat and head to the ice cream shop because today is both National Hat Day and National Strawberry Ice Cream Day.  
If you want to get that sweet treat, here's our list of the oldest ice cream shops in the Phoenix area where you can get a true ice cream parlor experience.
MacAlpine's Soda Fountain opened its doors in 1928 and has been feeding the Valley ever since.  They are located at 2303 North 7th Street, Phoenix.
Mary Coyle Ol Fashion Ice Cream has more than 60 years under it's belt.  They are still making ice cream at their central Phoenix location, the same way they did when they opened back in 1951.  It is located at 5521 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85013 
The Sugar Bowl in Old Town Scottsdale is a staple for many, especially since it has been around since 1958.  Known for it's many cartoons from Bil Keane who frequently featured the ice cream shop in his daily comic strip the Family Circus.  It is located at 4005 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale.
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