Save drive time and keep your belongings safe with these tips

In the next few months, Phoenix will play host to several large scale events; Fiesta Bowl, Waste Management Phoenix Open and Barrett Jackson just to name a few.  We all want to be part of the action, but sometimes the hassle of traffic, parking and the crowds causes us to shy away.  

Robb M. Corwin, CEO of Pride Group, says if you follow four simple rules you'll be stress free and you can sit back and enjoy the event. 

1.  Prepare -- No matter how many times you have been to the venue Corwin says it is important to check it out online for traffic and parking, because it can change.  Plan your route so you are making all right turns, Corwin says it can cut 15 percent to 20 percent off your route time.
2.  Observe -- Once you arrive at your destination keep an eye out for signs directing you where to park, and how to enter the facility.  Also watch out for bathrooms, ATM's and any other service you may need while you are there.
3.  Patience -- This is a big one.  Resist the urge to crowd the car in front of you when entering or leaving the venue.  Corwin says as soon as one person stops because somebody won't let them in, you create the ripple effect and to overcome that inertia again, to start everybody moving again, takes a great deal of time.
4.  Safety and Security -- Keep an eye on your kids in the parking lot and inside the event.  A crowded parking lot also makes your belongings an easy target for thieves.  Corwin says you can avoid this by doing one simple thing: using your sun shade. The majority of the light that comes into your car at night comes from the parking light or the lights in the parking lots.  If you eliminate that light into your car, the inside of your car becomes pitch black and you are no longer an opportunistic target.
Last minute gift ideas
There are only 3 shopping days until Christmas and if you are still searching for a last minute gift we have a few ideas for you, and these will let everyone know they came from Arizona with love.
I cactus Phx t-shirts from Holy Pinata.  Similar to the I heart NY shirts, these have an Arizona style all their own, the best part may be giving back.  Ten percent of the sales go back to local charities. 
Or give a taste of the southwest with Arizona Gunslinger hot sauce, wash it down with one of Oak Creek Brewing Company's brews, and you can finish it off with prickly pear cactus candy from The Cactus Candy Company.
With food, and clothing covered that only leaves one thing; entertainment.  A 1-thousand piece, 3-foot puzzle should do the trick.  This puzzle from Globes and Games is not like your typical rectangular shaped puzzle, it is in the shape of Arizona which should keep them occupied for hours.
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