How to shed those Thanksgiving pounds with a workout you can do at the office


Did you pack on the pounds over the Thanksgiving weekend? The average American eats about 3,000 calories during their Thanksgiving feast.  To work all that off, you'd have to walk for 13 straight hours, do 17 hours of yoga, or about five and a half hours of snow shoeing.  

For those who are stuck at the office, we have a list of ways to "work out at work" and shed some of that turkey fat.  Just ask Dr. Ray Hinish.  Hinish, co-hosts a podcast called "Cut the Fat" and takes multitasking at work to a new level with his TrekDesk.


"I call this the office of the future," he said. "You can burn 900-1200 calories a day and not even feel like you've exercised, not feel fatigued, but instead, feel energized."
The desk, which runs about $500, fits over his treadmill, allowing him to walk and work at the same time.
"I just walk at 2 miles per hour and get the job done," he said.
No treadmill?  No problem.  Fitness expert Lorrie Henry says there are plenty of ways to get the job done while on the job. 
"Grab the sides [of the chair] and all you're going to do is bend and press," Henry said.  "About 25 reps, it'll work."
Your coworkers might look at you a little strangely, but if you don't mind some self-conscious sweating adding a workout to your work routine could help lighten your load this holiday season.
"A sit down workout's probably going to be about 500 calories if you're really working it," Henry said..
"Fitness isn't just go to the gym," Henry said.  "Do your fitness.  It's got to be a lifestyle."
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