Should you Friend Your Boss on Facebook?

When it comes to Facebook, do you mix business and pleasure?  If you want to keep your job, experts say you probably shouldn't post that night of debauchery with your friends, join groups, like "I Hate my Job," or have too many games on your profile.  

More than half of Facebook users who participated in a recent study said they believed it is irresponsible to send their boss a friend request.
"Never the two shall meet," one woman said.
"Sometimes, there's inappropriate things I guess, my personal life," another woman said.
"Facebook is for friends and he's not my friend, he's my work colleague," one man said.
Experts say "friending" the person in charge is risky business. 
"That's kind of a dangerous thing to do," said Michael Hayes, who owns Momentum Specialized staffing, a temp agency in Phoenix.
He works with employees and employers alike.  While you may watch what you post, your friends drunken escapades or big mouth may pierce your privacy settings.
"If you've got 400 friends or more, you can't predict what they're going to put on there," Hayes said.  "Maybe they go back and say, 'Wow, it's sure a shame that you work for that jackass,' and now your boss ends up seeing that."
Hayes feels it's also inappropriate for most employers to friend their employees, but if it happens, he says try to ignore the request, even if you feel pressured. Still, some people see a benefit.  They say it helps people build stronger relationships with their bosses or supervisors.
"It's nice.  My boss knows me as a person, not just an employee, so i think that helps, always," one man said.
"Well, I think if you can't build enough rapport in 8 hours a day, then probably not going to get it just because you're on some social media site," Hayes said.
So, before making a decision, consider your own work environment and keep in mind who's keeping their corporate eyes on you.
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