3 tips to help clean your computer

If you need to clear out space on your hard drive, simply pressing delete isn't going to cut it.

Ken Colburn, President of Data Doctors, says the most common mistake people make is getting rid of items they thought were backed up.  So before you get rid of anything make sure you have a copy if it's something you want to keep.  Once you've done that, follow this list of tips.
1.  Programs
They take up a lot of space on your hard drive, if there are ones you don't use you'll want to properly get rid of them.  Colburn says you do this by either clicking "uninstall" that is built into the program or using the one that is in the operating system, both will correctly remove the program.
2.  Large Files
Next look at large data files that take up a lot of space.  Documents aren't usually the culprit. Colburn says you should be looking at videos; "Delete those files and that will free up more space than anything else you can do," said Colburn.
3.  Disc Cleanup
The last step of the process is to familiarize yourself with the disc cleanup part of your operating system.  He says the disc cleanup tracks old install files, knows where they are located, and will properly delete them.
If you prefer to have someone else do the work, you can always give Data Doctors a call.  They also have a series of articles on their website that can help guide you.
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