Numerological insights into 12-12-12

PHOENIX - The skills you learned in math class may have helped you order enough carpet for your floor or paint for your walls, but it probably never taught you the ins and outs of numerology.

Numerology is the study of numbers and their perceived connection to events.

We met up with a Phoenix area numerologist to discover the significance of today's date- December 12, 2012.

In numerology, double digit numbers are reduced down to a single number by by adding them together.

For example, twelve can be reduced to the number three.

"If you add it all up, there's three, three, three so that equals nine and that equals spiritual completion," said Geri Young.

With tarot cards spread across the table in front of her, Young further explained what today's date is all about.

"The day is all about spirit and so everybody will feel that and that may bring on more emotion. It may bring on deep communication," said Young.

Some hope today is marked with extra amounts of luck.

Catering to that crowd, Chapel at the Farm in Gilbert is marrying couples every hour on the hour.

Justices of the peace are on hand for the anticipated higher than usual number of nuptuals.

For more information on numerology, click here.


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