Trapeze ribbons and tires: Two unique workouts to help you keep your resolution

It's official. The holidays are over and if you packed on a few pounds during the festivities we found a few unique workouts to get you back into shape.  

Exercise your creativity while you feel the burn at Circus School of Arizona in Scottsdale.  This workout uses trapeze ribbons hanging from the ceiling to increase strength and flexibility; and it has another benefit.

"You don't have to necessarily do your pushups or sit ups at the end of class because you've been working so hard on the equipment the entire time," said coach Lauren Breunig.  

At first glance it looks like you'll need experience to give this a try, but Breunig says that's not the case.

"A lot of people are a little bit nervous about trying this for the first time; maybe they think they don't have the right strength, the right flexibility, but once they get in here, once they try a class, touch the fabric of the trapeze, they're hooked," said Breunig.

If you're looking for something a little more raw, try a workout that gets you out of the traditional gym and makes you sweat using a tire.
Amenzone gets back to basics with something the founder, Amen Iseghohi, learned growing up in West Africa.
"My grandmother used to have us working around with tires as a kid so I just adopted that whole philosophy and brought it into our workouts today and just having to work with tires and movement, movement is life so get your body moving," said Iseghohi.
This workout takes a mind, body and spirit approach so there is no yelling, no mirrors; instead you'll find motivation and a wall of inspiration.  Iseghohi says a lot of folks worry about the aesthetics and how they look outside.
"We really believe it's an inside job.  When you start working on the inside, on how you feel, without fail the outside will follow," Iseghohi said.
Iseghohi's true passion is to fight childhood obesity, and that's how this workout came about. He hopes the "keep it simple approach" can help people of all ages.  
"There is new machinery built everyday, but obesity is still going up. Something as simple as this, just moving your whole body can really make a difference and that's what we're doing," Iseghohi said.

You can try it for yourself on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013 when Amenzone Fitness brings Training For Life to The Duce in downtown Phoenix (525 S. Central).  Enjoy the same workout for free, check-in starts at 10 a.m.
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