What NOT to buy on Black Friday

Some items could be less expensive next year

Black Friday is around the corner--a day that tends to bring out the worst in die-hard shoppers. But if you plan on joining the millions of people looking for deals on Black Friday, listen up.

What products do you think have the best deals on Black Friday?  
"Probably electronics and stuff," said one man.
"Jewelry and clothes is what I've done," said another woman we asked.
Actually, not always. 
"There are some things that are actually cheaper after or even before Black Friday than they are on Black Friday," said Michael Denning, a professor of marketing at Arizona State University. 
Yeah, you heard right.  Despite what retailers want you to think, experts say Black Friday doesn't deliver rock bottom bargains on all items.
"You're going to find some items that are going to be very heavily discounted in order to get you into the store, but they may not be the specific models that you're interested in," Denning said.
Take TVs for example.  You'll see tons of Black Friday deals on flat screens, but if you have your heart set on a name brand television, the better deals tend to be closer to February, leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.
 "I would be careful on the toys side of things," Denning said.
While you may prefer to get your holiday shopping done early, expect to find more heavily discounted toys closer to Christmas.  Have your heart set on a top of the line digital camera?  Check back early next year when the new models lower the prices on the older ones.  For items like watches and jewelry, experts say you can find equally good deals around Valentine's Day, so there's always the option of an IOU, but that does leave a lot of room under the tree.  Denning's advice?
"Make sure you shop well and compare prices before you go out," he said.
After all, if you're going to risk your life during the early morning rush, make sure you know exactly what you're after.  
"I'm planning on probably doing Cyber Monday instead," Denning said.
Or maybe just plan on getting all your shopping done from January to July for next year's holiday season.
For the complete list of items to avoid on Black Friday, click here.
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