73-year-old grandmother works at a strip club

TAMPA, Fl. - Min Johnson is  73years old and says she would never miss a day of work.  In some ways, she’s a typical grandmother. While sewing and preparing for a busy night, she says she's a woman with a strong faith, and a belief in volunteering in her community.

But Ming actually spends most of her time at her workplace with 300 female dancers. Seven nights a week, Ming is at the 2001 Odyssey Strip Club in Tampa. Behind all the music, the lights and the exotic costumes is this spirited senior.

“I take care of a lot of things, whenever a girl needs something,” said Ming Johnson.

She makes and alters the outfits. She cooks them food. She’s surrounded by girls a fraction of her age.

“You have to try to be a mother to them,” said Ming. “Some people come in, bad attitude, but I always tell them don’t get a bad attitude, go to the back room and sweeten it up.”

So what makes her open-minded enough to come here each day?

“I’ve never been uncomfortable, always happy to come to work,” said Ming.

Her work started 21 years ago, making swim suits on the beach. Her designs caught the eye of a dancer who wanted Ming to make the sexy styles for 2001 Odyssey. She says she finds her happiness working at the strip club because she feels she's helping to make life a little  better for her girls.

“I’m going to work as long as I can, because I’m by myself. I’m very happy to walk in the door and see the girls. Happy to help them out,” said Ming.


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