Bargain hunters line up early for Black Friday

TAMPA, Fl. - If you’re already dreaming of ‘Black Friday’ deals, you may want to get in line. Even early this week, more than twenty people were in line in front of the Best Buy on Dale Mabry in Tampa. But if you’re wondering how they can withstand the wait for so long.  The secret is to do it in style.

Checking them out, we found they certainly weren't suffering. There were nice roomy tents set up, with comfy chairs, and of course, plenty of electronics for entertainment.  Plus, the socializing was in full swing.

“It’s like a big family reunion in front of Best Buy,” said Michael Urso.

Believe it or not, Michael has been out since last Friday. That’s right. He started waiting in line a full week before the big sale day. He has his family hold down the fort – and their places in line – in shifts.

“My parents are at work, so that’s what happens usually. When they get back here, I’ll go home and rest, “ said Urso.

People who are just popping into Best Buy often walk past the tents in disbelief, wondering if the deals can really be that great.

Urso says, yes, they can. He says he’ll pocket 60 percent in savings on a flat-screen TV and save $70 on a tablet.

“They can call us crazy, but it’s tradition out here, and we are getting good deals,” said Urso.


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