Cure for "Bieber Fever" in Clearwater with hip-hop lessons

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Artists like Justin Bieber and Usher are constantly being idolized and imitated by children and teens.  The owners of The Studio Dance Co. in Clearwater have catered their classes to meet this growing demographic.  They offer hip-hop classes several nights a week.

“It’s a good way to get exercise. It gets their energy out, it gets their emotions out, it’s fun for them to do and it's really cool, too,” said owner Lisa DeCamella.

The dance company has about 250 hip hop dancers.  They start as young as five years old.  Some parents said a traditional dance like ballet was too tame for their children.

“It’s keeping her busy and it's keeping her focused,” said mom Kishia Fuller-Gainey.  "There are days when she is down and out, so she turns the music on and she’s just dancing.”

These groups take hip hop very serious.  They even compete in hip-hop dance competitions.

“I like pop music,” said dancer Genesis Gainey.  "It’s a good way to express yourself in movement.”

Some of the dancers learn more than hip-hop.  Gianna Mazzoni took it a step further and learned how to break dance.  She said her parents love her new moves.

“My dad when he was younger, him and his brother, used to do break dancing in the streets,” said Mazzoni.

The Studio Dance Co. offers hip hop classes for all ages, including adults.

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