Lego lovers celebrate a favorite toy

TAMPA, Fl. - Of all the toys that have endured over the years, we seem to have the greatest fascination for Legos. The colorful building bricks have entertained children of all ages for decades. In fact, we’re celebrating a Lego anniversary of sorts. On this day in 1958, the original patent was filed for the famous brick.

To appreciate the Lego, and what you can do with them, you really need to go to the source, to those who know and appreciate Legos the most – the kids.  At “Learning Express” in Hyde Park, 9-year-old Noah Halpern says he’s been toying with Legos since he was about 3.

You just keep on building and building and I just get inspired of that,” said Noah.

“When I need pieces, I’m like,’ look for those, look for those, look for those!”

Nine-year-old Sophia  is a Lego fan as well.

”I think about how I'm going to design it, like if the doors are going to be too big, too small,” said Sophia. ”Like when you build it, you feel like you’ve just accomplished something.”

Sofia and Noah are hardly alone. Lego transcends age and geographical borders.

Each year, more than 19 billion Lego bricks are produced.

More than 400 million people around the world have played with Lego bricks. In one year, the Lego bricks sold would circle the globe five times. Kids around the world spend five billion hours a year playing with Lego.

Now that’s a popular toy.

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