Tampa Bay woman claims to speak to your pet

TAMPA, Fla. - A Tampa Bay woman claims she can talk to animals and fix their behavior.  She's an actual pet whisperer, although she prefers the title of Pet Communicator.  And pet owners who have gone to her swear it works.

Cat owner Thea Carroll is one of them.  She said she was getting frustrated when her cats fought each other or urinated inside the house.  She didn't know why they were doing this, but she wanted to get answers.

“It’s extremely frustrating, because I know something is wrong and they can’t tell me,” said Carroll.

A friend recommended an animal communicator named Laura Lassiter to help Carroll and her cats.

“I’m called last. They will call the dog psychiatrist, the pet therapy the vet, the blah blah blah and then they call me,” said Lassiter.

Lassiter claims to talk to pets just like we talk to humans, but we can’t hear what she hears.

“It’s just like I’m talking with you. It’s no different. All is it is that intelligence is in another body form,” said Lassiter.

Her clients said they’ve had good success after a session. 

GiGi Pelosi said her cat used to hide from the family, but after one session of Lassiter speaking to the feline everything changed.  She recommends animal communication to her friends.

“They at least need to give it a try, all I can tell you what my experience has been everything that I’ve wanted to come out of it came out of it,” said Pelosi.

Lassiter isn’t alone in her craft.  There are pet communicators located all throughout the country.

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