What does it take to make a creme puff?

TAMPA, Fla - January 2 is National Crème Puff Day, but exactly does it take to make a creme puff dreamy? 

“A crème puff is a shell that is baked in the oven that starts really small and by heating the outside of it becomes a shell and then it puffs up so it doubles in size,” said Chef Michael Baugh, from Let them Eat Cake in Tampa.

It turns out there are several steps to keep in mind for crème puffs.

Baugh said the first step is mix water, butter and flour into a pan.  Then, take your mixture and pour it into a mixing bowl, add eggs. 

“It should look like a pancake batter,” said Baugh.

Baugh said you should make small balls with the batter and then bake the puffs for about fifteen minutes. He then fills the puffs with a vanilla cream, but he says you can be creative.

“The cream is usually vanilla, but since we live in Florida you can take an orange juice concentrate and put it into the vanilla crème brulee that we use on the inside and that becomes an orange crèmesicle filling and it’s fabulous,” said Baugh.

So, let National Crème Puff Day be your day to cheat on that diet for the New Year.

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