Ski lessons in Tampa?

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. - Awww, wouldn’t it be nice to hit the slopes this winter?  Well, the only problem is that we live in Florida.  Our area is great for water skiing, but not so much for snow skiing.   So, why does sporting goods store, Bill Jackson’s, have tons of winter apparel.

“We got a lot of people going out west to go up north to go skiing or just visiting where it’s colder,” said manager Michael Schenker.

The store has a rolling ski deck that helps people learns the basics of skiing before they hit the slopes.

Here are a few tips before you try to conquer a mountain:

1.       Keep your knees bent

2.       Keep your head up and your eyes on the path in front of you

3.       Don’t swing your shoulders, let your body do the work

The List’s Jake Peterson tried his hand at learning to ski, but he wasn’t very successful after taking a mean tumble.  We are happy to report that Jake is doing just fine. listed these resorts has some of the best in the country:

1.       Jackson Hole, Wyoming

2.       Alta and Snowbird, Utah

3.       Telluride, Colorado

4.       Squaw Valley/ Alpine Meadows

5.       Vail/ Beaver Creek 

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