Tips for making gingerbread cookies

LARGO - Amid the many pressing questions that arise at Christmas, one that has people wonder is what kind of cookies should you leave out for Santa?   Is he a sugar cookie kind of guy? Or is that passe’?  Chocolate chip? Or something more adventurous, like Crunchy Brazil Nut, or Tofu and Peanut butter.

We have it on good authority that Santa goes for the classics. Take gingerbread, for example. There is an art to a good gingerbread cookie.  Frida Alipour, of Frida’s Café and Bakery  understands it well. Frida and her husband and staff whip up over thirty types of cookies for their popular bakery in Largo.  But they do know the classics. And they cook up a mean gingerbread man this time of year.

Frida shared a few cookie tips.

“Don’t overmix your batter. Be precise in your measurements, and pre-heat your oven first, or your cookies may come out dry,’ said Frida. “If you do it right, it’ll be a hit.”

For the classic gingerbread,  start with some familiar basics. Frida likes to add both rye flour and pastry flour for her gingerbread. Also, brown sugar and shortening,  fresh milk, honey and molasses, and a pinch of salt and soda.  The spices are key. Frida’s uses a combination of All Spice, ginger and cinnamon for a perfect gingerbread flavor.

Then all you need to do is simply roll out the dough, cut out the little men, and bake them up. How do you know when they’re done?

“You can go by touch, that’s how the old bakers did it,” said Frida.

Once they’re out of the oven, Frida adds a sweet glaze, and then colorful icing to make the gingerbread faces and attire.  Then, watch your fingers, because these cookies get eaten quickly! For more information on Frida’s Café and Bakery, go to

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