Trampolines spring up as 2013 workout favorite

TAMPA, Fl. - Say good-bye to the treadmill, and step right on to the trampoline. Getting fit is starting to feel like fun.

Giant trampoline arenas like Airheads in Tampa and Largo, Florida are springing up around the country. And in case getting in shape or trying new things is on your New Year’s resolution list, they offer a pretty amazing workout.

Kim May is an instructor at Airheads Trampoline Arena in Largo.

“The first time you go on it, it’s kind of like you’re five again and you’re bouncing around on it, having a grand old time, and then you kind of start integrating the exercise part of it,” said May.

May takes her fellow "Airheads" through a rigorous series of rotating exercises. The vast arena is marked off in squares, and in this workout, there’s a different exercise for each square. A trampoline workout is more than just aerobic, because your body has to work extra hard to keep your balance.

“You can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour," said Kim. “That’s some serious calorie burn!”

Kelly Sanchez has bounced off sixty pounds this year.

“I have endurance, I have strength. I can do anything I put my mind to," said Sanchez.

Michelle Burrell has bounced off seventy pounds.

“You just get on it, and it does things to your body that you don’t expect. You start seeing changes, and you just want to come back,” said Burrell.

There are lots of ways to find your fun in these arenas. There’s time for free-style jumping for both grown-ups and kids. And there are dodgeball games which become a whole new ballgame when played on a trampoline. You can learn more at

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