Elvis impersonator shares what does it take to sing like The King

4 tips for the best Elvis impersonation

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Elvis fans around town should rejoice!  January 8 is Elvis Presley’s birthday and he would have turned 78 if still alive.  If you want to celebrate his birthday then look up Keith Coleman of Pinellas County.  Coleman has been impersonating “The King” for more than thirty years.

He dances, sings, and wears Elvis attire to all his gigs. 

“The first time we ever did an Elvis show there was a line around the block, so I said this could work,” said Coleman.

But he said it isn’t cheap trying to impersonate Elvis.  Coleman said each one of his jump-suits is about $3,500.

Here are a few Elvis tips from Coleman:

1.       Speak with a southern drawl

2.       Curl your upper lip

3.       Point with your fingers while singing

4.       Lower your voice

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