Where to buy ugly Christmas sweaters in Tampa Bay

TAMPA, Fla. - There are generally two types of parties around the holidays.  There are the fancy (get dressed up) parties and then there are the ugly Christmas sweater parties. 

“I never thought ten years ago that anyone would be into these sweaters. Young, old, male, female, they all want these sweaters,” said owner Craig Greabell, owner of Squaresville in Tampa.

Greabell runs a clothing story in South Tampa.  He noticed the ugly sweater trend a few years ago and started stocking up.  His store startedin  December with about 250 sweaters and this week he is already down to about forty.

“A lot of my early customers contact me early in December asking when we'll be putting out the sweaters. They learned last year and now they want the best selection,” said Greabell.

The sweaters aren’t the only hot sellers this year.  He is also selling out of red and green blazers.

It turns out that style doesn’t matter during these parties.  Greabell said most people are going for the tackiest outfit they can find.

Squareseville still has a few sweaters left, but Greabell said they could be gone by this weekend.

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