Where to find dozens of parrots in Tampa?

TAMPA, Fla. - The Zaskee bird sanctuary in Tampa makes you feel like you are in a different world.  It’s nestled away in some woods and the scene inside is one of beautiful color and sound.  There are forty parrots that call the bird sanctuary home.

“All we do here is rescue and rehab parrots,” said Zaskee Director Majid Esmaeili

Esmaeili said people get rid of their parrots for several reasons including financial, divorce, and behavioral problems.

Zaskee’s helps the animals with any medicals problems.  The facility also helps parrots acclimate to humans.  Esmaeili said parrots are similar to any other pets.

“Every parrot has personality. Sometimes they love women; sometimes they love men,” said Esmaeili.

The birds can speak up to a hundred words so you’ll always hear something different while walking around the bird sanctuary.

Parrots are very in tune to the environment around them.  Esmaeili said that you should not walk into their environment, rather let the parrot come to you.

“If they see fear in you, then they come after you, so never afraid of the bird,” said Esmaeili.

Esmaeili said the facility mostly functions with a small group of volunteers.

Zaskee’s is located at 7539 Gardner Road in Tampa.

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