Why you shouldn't wear lime green when doing the weather forecast

TAMPA, Fla. - We are always dealing with crazy weather in Florida.  From hurricanes, to tornadoes and rain, it seems we get it all.  ABC Action News Chief Meteorologist, Denis Phillips, has seen it all.  He’s been forecasting in Tampa for nearly 20 twenty years.

“It’s a great job,” said Phillips.  "Honestly, I love what I do.”

His crew at ABC Action News has been ranked number one in the country by the national weather group Weatherate.

“Over the last two years our score has been the most accurate out of 315 stations in the country,” said Phillips.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a weather man?  Here are a few things Phillips said to keep in mind.

1.       Don’t wear lime green: The wall you’re standing in front of is lime green.  The camera gets confused when a forecaster is wearing the same color as the wall.

2.       Point straight out:  Don’t point behind you, because it throws your depth off.

3.       Do a sweeping motion with your hand when gesturing, not a point.

4.       Wear suspenders: They bring good luck.

February 5 is National Weatherman’s Day.  Phillips is one of the most recognizable meteorologists in the Bay, but he’s very modest.  He doesn’t even believe there should be a Weatherman’s Day.

“It’s a great job I don’t think we need a National Weathers Man’s day honestly I love what I do,” said Phillips.

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