Experts share their tips on how to go viral on YouTube

YouTube celebrates 7th birthday

TAMPA, Fla. - YouTube is known for the outrages, funny, and inspirational.  The viral video channel is celebrating its 7th birthday.

Judson Laipply knows all about using the power of internet videos to gain attention.  His video "The Evolution of Dance" was one of the first to go viral.

"It's basically the last fifty years of popular dance moves all in one routine," said Laipply.  "I put it on YouTube in order to get an embedding code to put on my MySpace page, so that gives you an idea of where the times were at that point in time."

The video quickly gained momentum and it now stands at over 200-million views.  The success of going viral landed him more public speaking. And "The Evolution of Dance "even got him a spot on the Today Show.

"Viral videos can lend themselves to audiences that you would have never been able to get in front of before," said Laipply.

Getting exposure is a big reason why so many people try to go viral.  A Florida teen who calls himself, Crunkcoco is trying to make it big by using the internet.  He has loaded several dance videos to YouTube and many of them are getting hundreds of thousands of hits.

"It pushes me even harder to be me. Don’t care what anybody think about you. Just do you and don’t care what anybody thinks. You only have life to live," said Crunkcoco.

How you can go viral:

1. Make your video funny or inspirational.

2. Be short- most people don't watch more than a minute.

3. Make the video have an amateur look- people want to feel like they've discovered something.

4.  Dancing and music often help attract audiences. 


VIDEO: Laipply makes a dance video for The List

Check it out. Do you think it will go viral? Tell us why or why not in the comment section.

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