A Tulsa family takes a nutty idea and runs with it

TULSA - Marnie Fernandez lives on a pecan farm with her husband and four kids. For years, they never did anything with the nuts... until this year.

"My son wanted to pick pecans to make extra money, and that's how it started," said Marnie.

Her husband, Shane, did a little research, found out where to take them to get shelled, and they started bagging them.

They sent a couple of emails, put a couple of posts on Facebook. In no time, they were bombarded with requests for the Fernandez Family Pecans. In one season the family bagged more than 300 pounds of pecans.

The Fernandez family originally just wanted to do this for fun. "It's therapeutic, I love it," said Marnie.

But if Shane has any say, it's money that will be growing on these pecan trees in 2013.

"[Marnie] freaked out," said Shane, when talking about his idea to turn the pecans into a business.

"She told me I was commercializing her downtime," he said, laughing. "Next year, we're going to be a machine!"



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