A Tulsa man milks what he can out of a dying industry

The iconic 1950s milkman is slowly disappearing. Unless you're in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

John Davidson is the last milkman in the state. He heads to the dairy plants every morning and loads up with milk, eggs, cottage cheese---or, just about anything the customer requests.

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Some customers have stayed with John for the nearly 30 years he has been in business. It's no surprise, because his prices are right. 

"I was at Walmart yesterday. Their price for two-percent was $4.48. My price right now is $4.50," said Davidson.

Davidson bought the route after owning a restaurant for a decade. Now he works four days a week opposed to seven. The milkman life, according to Davidson, is not as exciting as legend would have it. 

"Either I'm too homely or something, but I think all those [baby looks like the milkman] stories you've heard are lies," laughed Davidson.

His business has dropped over the years. He has a third of the customers that he had at the start. Davidson believes people aren't as comfortable with strangers in their home. 

However, he has no plans to quit.

"When my alarm goes off I hate to say it, but I look forward to going to work," said Davidson. "When people find me face-down in somebody's front yard with spilled milk, that's the day I'll retire." 

When that day comes, the route of the Oklahoma milkman will likely be memory lane. 

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