Baby cakes and cupcakes sell like hotcakes

From baby bump cakes to macaroni and cheese cupcakes, bakeries are getting creative with their menu offerings and customers are eating up the trend. 

Thanks to sites like Pinterest, customers at Ann's Bakery in Tulsa now have the opportunity to get more creative with baby shower requests.

"We started with one and it just took off," said Shannon Morey, owner, Ann's Bakery. "We'd post [a baby bump cake] on Facebook and then everyone would call and wanted it."

The sculpted by-hand cake is topped with butter cream frosting and patted down with a paper towel. Their detail is precise, and so are their rules.

"We don't do bachelor parties," said Morey, referring to other cakes in the shape of a female bodice. "This is only for women who are pregnant."

They aren't the only bakery getting creative. Across town, the girls from Alter [Egos] Cupcakery have separated themselves from the pack with savory and alcohol-infused cupcakes.

They are also the creators of the Lizzie Mac and Cheese. This is a muffin tin filled with a crescent roll, white cheddar, smoked gouda and fontina macaroni, and topped with bacon.

To wash it down, the online store features a Guinness-infused chocolate cake with Bailey's butter cream frosting, or a margarita cupcake with tequila lime frosting.


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