Blu Utra Lounge bartender shares how to make pepper infused vodka

Remember when liquor companies started adding cherry and vanilla flavoring to vodka and we thought that was cool? These days, that's small potatoes. 

Now you see everything from grape and pineapple to lemongrass, coconut water, and yes, of course, bacon-flavored vodka.

PHOTOS: Infused alcohol at Blu Ultra Lounge

So it makes sense that bartenders like Chris Bobick of Tulsa's new downtown hotspot Blue Ultra Lounge would try concocting some of their own homemade infused liquor. Not only is it popular; it's easy. Home infusions traditionally give more of a bold flavor than store-bought versions as well. 

Bobick says the first step is picking your liquor. He recommends vodka, gin or tequila. 

"Typically, you want to stay away from dark liquors like bourbon because you're not going to add too much more flavor," said Bobick. 

For Bobick's pepper vodka, he simply adds several green, red and yellow bell peppers, along with Anaheim and Habanero peppers. Then let it sit for a couple of days and serve. 

Bobick uses the pepper vodka for a Bloody Mary, or adds it to grapefruit juice for a unique flavor that tones down the spiciness. 

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