Bridal Trends in Tulsa for 2013

TULSA - Owner of Facciano's, Jennifer Thompson, will tell you brides in 2013 better be wearing a veil.

"I tell brides, 'Listen, if you're not going to wear a veil then you're just a pretty girl in a pretty dress,'" said Thompson.

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You can also expect to see at your 2013 weddings, a lot of ruffles, lace, sheer, and vintage looks - a lot like what we saw on the red carpet at the Golden Globes last night.

Brides are also showing some personality in their choice of footwear.  Some brides are opting to wear Tom's or cowboy boots under their dresses. 

Trends for bridesmaids are also changing.

"We see a lot of knee-length dresses, and I think that goes back to Taylor Swift; No one wore cowboy boots with dresses before Taylor Swift," said Thompson.

Thompson says brides should start preparing at least nine months ahead of their wedding day to guarantee the look they want.

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