Couples prove cliches may be the key to love conquering all

You know all those cliches we hear about making marriage work? Well, there just might be something to them. 

Cliche #1: When you know, you know.

That was the case for Wayne Ping when he as Sue out for a date. She was working as a carhop in the summer of 1959, and he asked her if she would like a ride home. 

"'Ok, you can take me home, no problem,' I told him," said Sue. 

"Yeah, home was right across the street," laughed Wayne. 

That short ride home on a Wednesday night must have gone well. It turned into a courtship--but one that lasted shorter than most honeymoons, considering they were married that same week. 

"We met on a Wednesday night, and got married on Saturday afternoon," said Wayne.

Those four days of dating have resulted in a 53 year marriage. 

"It could have been a drastic mistake," said Sue. "But it turned out so perfect."


Cliche #2: Laughter is key.

That cliche works well for Bob and Judi Grove. They dated for eight months before marrying 43 years ago.

"He calls me sweet thing and I call him SOB which really stands for Sweet Ol' Bob," said Judi.

For the Grove's, marriage was a simple decision.

"We were going to go to the fair, and we decided instead of using the money to go to the fair, we would just go buy rings," said Bob. 

The Grove's believe there are three easy solutions to making marriage work: communication, teamwork and good sex.

Cliche #3: Never to go bed angry. 

The old adage was enforced by both couples. "I always heard that, I was always told you should never go to bed angry. And it's true," said Sue. 

Perhaps it's advice we should all take with us --married or single-- on this Valentine's Day.


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