A group of women drop the yarn bomb in Tulsa

This is not your grandma's knitting circle. Once a week, a group of women (20 on a good night) get together to "stitch and bitch"--that's the name of their circle, anyway.

"We gossip, we vent," said Brandi Walz, who also calls knitting therapeutic.

"It's great for people with ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder]," said Sandi Cox.

Together, they have nearly 30 years of experience under their scarves. Several times a year, the women will drop a bomb on Tulsa--a yarn bomb.

It's yarn graffiti on anything that will sit still. When we met up with them, they "bombed" a stop sign.

"A lot of people will use yarn bombing as a political message," said Katie Cunningham. "We just do it for fun."

It's part of an international movement. There are yarn bombs in cities all over the world. Some much larger than the ones this group puts together.

None of their projects last very long. "Drunks take them down in the middle of the night," says Walz. "[Or], cops that are bored."

Not that they're trying to needle the police, or anyone else.

They're just trying to add a little warm fuzzy to this often cold-prickly kind of world.

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