From Hollywood to Tulsa: 2 Okies living out their dream jobs

This Sunday may be Hollywood's biggest night, but there's still a little Oklahoma sprinkled in the Oscar mix. 

His name is Patrick Kearney. The Ardmore native was digital producer for the Oscar-nominated visual effects team for Life of Pi.

The 1995 University of Oklahoma graduate doesn't have his name on the ballot, but worked daily with the team on the visual effects end of the film.  

PHOTOS: From Hollywood to Tulsa - doing their dream jobs

"There were hundreds, sometimes nearly a thousand people, involved in the visual effects," said Kearney.  

At the height of production, they would work 60 to 70 hours a week. He worked on the film for nearly two years, so seeing it get recognition in any way is rewarding. 

Kearney says he won't be going to the Academy Awards, but may attend some after parties. For him, it will just be fun to root for his teammates while watching on television. 

Kearney is currently working on Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

When it comes to art direction, Tulsan Richard Carver has spent 35 years in the business. His Tulsa-based company, Little Mountain Productions, designs props, sets and special effects for TV commercials, movies, music videos and  churches. 

The company now focuses on building sets for churches, and most clients are out-of-state. 

But Carver says he's not going anywhere. 

"I've had all the opportunities to live anywhere I want, but this is where I love," said Carver.


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