Web Extra: Shannon Dey and Jennifer Elliot form Team Bombshell talk about online training

Online personal training success

TULSA, OK - Personal trainers are great for fitness motivation, but they are also good for simple direction and online trainers are growing in popularity. 

Shannon Dey is the owner of bombshellfitness.com and has over a thousand clients around the world.

"We have women who want to compete and we also have women who just want to get in better shape," said Dey.

IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete Jennifer Elliott is one of the regional coaches for bombshellfitness.com.  She says when it comes to working out and online training, it comes down to motivating yourself.

"Shannon will post motivating quotes on her Facebook page every day, but for the most part you have to find that motivation from within," said Elliott.

Most of Shannon's clients train online, but bombshellfitness.com does have regional coaches across the country.  Elliott says that if you are having a difficult time finding that inner motivation, that's when you need to give one of them a call. The regional coaches can meet with you for a one-on-one session, train with you virtually, or help give you that extra push you need to keep going.

There is also a large online support group to answer questions, explain how to do the exercises and help people work through the program.

"We've gotten better and better over the years at explaining these things without seeing them in person," Dey said.

Hiring an online or face to face trainer is only the first step. The real work starts in the gym.

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