Tulsa's top Girl Scout cookie seller shares her sales secrets

TULSA - Kamryn Good knows Girl Scout cookies. Her favorite is Thin Mints.

"You just freeze them and eat them, and they are oh, so good," said Kamryn.

The seventh grader from Bixby is top seller in the region. She has also claimed top sales in the state in the past. So how many cookies do you need to sell to claim this spot? Kamryn says she sold 3,300 in one year.  

Kamryn creates business cards, leaves door knob hangers for neighbors who don't answer and even makes hats showcasing the newest cookie for that year. But the biggest sales technique for Kamryn?

"You have to look cute when you go up to the door, it helps so much," she said.

Selling cookies has helped Kamryn come out of her shell.

"It has taught me so many life lessons, but when I'm older I want to be on Broadway." 

This year is a first for the Girl Scouts. This year, customers can get the cookies immediately, instead of having them delivered later. 

Good move--but, weren't the cookies always worth the wait? 


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