Lacquered up with a paint brush at Pinot's Palette paints

TULSA, OK - Getting liquored up in front of a canvas is a pretty good way to paint, especially at Pinot's Palette, a paint and sip art studio that has quickly become a popular hangout in cities across the country.

After grade school most of us don't pick up a paint brush again, but Pinot's Palette is giving adults a good reason to unleash their artistic flare.  With locations across the United States, people are picking up their paint brushes and enjoying a night out with friends.  It's even become a popular place to bring a date.

If you haven't painted (or never painted), the idea of spending the evening in front of a blank canvas may sound a little scary, but at Pinot's Palette they have a full bar to help the artist get a little liquid courage.  

The studio is not about training painters, they just show how to do it step-by-step and in the end its amazing how good the paintings turn out.

They don't use art terms they simply called the two brushes big brush and little brush.  There is no pressure the atmosphere is a fun and loose. 

Tempted to release your inner artist? Find out if there is a Pinot's Palette in your area by visiting their website.


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